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About Us

Alexei Ghertescu Law Firm was established in 2007 as a business and private law firm. We provide comprehensive legal support in diverse areas of activities in Moldova to local and international clients. We also handle their individual and private legal matters and help them solve various problems and challenges they face in Moldova.

We are committed to provide best legal services to our clients, support them in achieving the goals they seek.

Moldova is a very specific place for living and doing business. Despite all the challenges, we aim at providing services according to the highest professional standards. In our activity we combine the knowledge of law and relevant professional experience with the understanding of the local context. We have significant experience of working both with small and medium clients and with large companies. And we ensure the same level of service to all of them.

Alexei Ghertescu is a Moldovan lawyer with more than 15 years of professional experience.

His previous experience combines the work for one of the biggest law firms in Moldova and in-house counselling at a trading company. For more than 3 years he also worked for the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova focusing on projects in the area of justice and judicial reform in Moldova. Among his main achievements in this position he considers his participation in substantially reforming the way future judges and prosecutors get trained.

Alexei Ghertescu has significant experience in litigation and business consultancy. His main areas of professional interest are competition law, IT and telecommunications, intellectual property, but he also has significant experience in general commercial practice, contracts, construction, transport law, tax law, etc.

Alexei is certified by the Moldovan national IP agency (AGEPI) as a counsel in intellectual property.

He is fluent in 3 languages: English, Romanian and Russian.

Our Principles

In our work we follow a number of key principles around which all our activities are centred:


Integrity is the basis for everything we do. We strictly follow professional rules of conduct for lawyers and abide by the legal provisions that regulate our activity. We do not accept any illegal or unethical practices in order to achieve the objectives and goals that we or our clients pursue. We respect the rule of law and try to actively promote it in our daily activities and operations.

Reputation based on values

We believe that the reputation is based not only on the knowledge and skills, but also on adherence to certain values and honesty in relations with people. We treat others with respect and fairness, be it our clients or any other person, including our opponents. This rule applies not only to our professional activities, but also to everything we do in our personal capacity.

Focus on the results based on honesty and transparency

When we provide legal advice, represent our clients in courts and public authorities, or help them in other circumstances, we focus on getting the results sought by the client and achieving the set goals. We do not do our work just for the sake of doing it, but actually try to help our clients pursue their objectives and achieve the results they want.

At the same time, we will always provide an honest opinion on the client’s problem or question, giving an objective account of facts and their legal assessment. Speaking truth to the client, however unpleasant it may be, is the key to open and trustful relations. We would never accept hiding something or presenting a situation in a different light (from what we believe it actually is) in order to obtain a contract or a case.

As legal counsels we cannot guarantee to the client the result of judicial proceedings in court or other procedure dealings (in most of cases that would simply be illegal). But we will provide all the available information, give full description and analysis of the situation, propose possible options, in order for the client to make the right decision and choose the path to pursue.

Focus on innovations

We embrace innovations and new technology. Fast technological advancements of the recent times put under threat of redundancy many occupations and professions. The legal profession is no exception. The ability to adapt to new trends, apply new tools and methods will be essential for successful development of the legal practice. We watch closely all the latest developments in legal profession and in industries that our clients operate in, and seek opportunities to integrate them in our work in order to provide better service, to develop new solutions and find ways to work more effectively in the conditions of the 21st century.

Constant learning and professional development

Everyday we try to become better than we were yesterday. We dedicate significant amount of time, effort and resources to constant learning and professional improvement: following latest legal developments, developing new and honing the existing skills. This continuous learning approach is built into our internal processes and represents part of our working culture.